Venous Ulcers

What Are Venous Ulcers?

Venous ulcers are ulcers (open sores on the skin) located on the legs. Venous ulcers are caused by issues with blood circulation in the legs. If the blood is not flowing back to the heart, it can pool in the legs and cause damage to the blood vessels and tissue. If ulcers develop, they will likely need professional treatment to heal. At CVD Vein Clinic, our team provides targeted and individualized treatment for venous ulcers. Arterial ulcers, which are similar to venous ulcers, occur when the blood flow is being blocked from returning to the tissue. CVD Vein Clinic treats both kinds of ulcers and can help you achieve pain relief from these unpleasant conditions.

What Causes Venous Ulcers?

Venous Ulcers Solutions in Fall River, MA

Venous ulcers develop when a circulation problem in the legs leads to constant high pressure in the veins. When the pressure is too high, damage is caused to tiny blood vessels, and the skin becomes very fragile and can break into an ulcer or sore.

Signs and Symptoms of Venous Ulcers

There are multiple stages of venous ulcers. Some early signs of venous leg ulcers are swelling, heaviness or cramping of the legs, dark, hardened, or purple skin, which can indicate the blood is pooling, or tingling in the legs. Once a venous ulcer has developed, you will typically see a shallow red sore or wound. These ulcers cause pain and discomfort and may become infected if left untreated. Venous ulcers are sometimes called stasis ulcers because they linger instead of healing like a normal wound. Proper treatment can not only relieve your pain, but can solve the underlying problem of venous ulcers.


Wound Treatment Options for Venous Ulcers

Wound care is very important for venous ulcers to avoid infection and to allow the wound to heal properly. CVD Vein Clinic will show you how to care for your wounds. Wound care involves keeping the ulcers clean and bandaged, and keeping the surrounding skin dry and moisturized. Our providers will instruct you on how often you need to change the bandage, and advise you on wearing compression garments over the bandage. You may need to be prescribed antibiotics to deal with the infections that can affect venous ulcer patients.


Permanent Treatment Options for Venous Ulcers

At CVD Vein Clinic, we are dedicated to treating the underlying cause of your venous ulcers so you can live your life free of this painful condition. Our experienced and board-certified team offers a range of vein treatments and procedures that can alleviate the issue. Vein ablation is a procedure that can be used to permanently treat venous ulcers. You can learn more about our vein ablation services here.



Smoking, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle, and being overweight are all factors that can contribute to venous ulcers. Managing these factors can help prevent venous ulcers. Our team can help you create a plan for mitigating these factors and preventing future ulcers.


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